Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO)

Address: 2001 E Plumb Ln
Phone: (775) 328-6400
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 56928


  • Dave Amirault

    Enjoy the complimentary wifi.
  • Molly Mulloy

    EASiEST airport to get through, always drive up 10 minutes before boarding.
  • Andrew Urban

    Free wifi :)
  • Stephanie Kruse

    Give a shout out to the TSA crew here. They just won a national award for being one of the best TSA crews.
  • chris simon

    Not one terrorist attack.
  • Artown

    There are great art exhibits on display between the concourses. If you have time to spare before checking through security take a peek and enjoy!
  • Jeff Clarke

    TSA people sure are nice here. :)
  • Jenn G

    Apparently now things close down at 6.59 pm, so don't expect food or drink available if you're arriving past then.
  • Becca Donato-Hardie

    Watch out! Baggage check-in closes 45 minutes before flight departure, every flight, no exceptions.
  • Jet Airways

    Things to do: Burning Man, a themed festival held in the last week of August featuring a temporary metropolis set up in the desert that is sent up in flames after the party of a lifetime.
  • Brian Porter

    Easy in and out airport. Bumpy ride in and out, not good if you don't like to fly.
  • Ashley Jennings

    If you are a local: park at the Grand Sierra and take the free airport shuttle. It leaves GSR on the hour and the airport on the half hour.
  • Ursula Sindlinger

    The tsa crew here is awesome! Let them know!
  • Paige Darcy

    Take advantage of the cell phone lot if you are picking someone up. Saves you time circling the lot until they pick up their bags!
  • Joe Moore

    This place has THE BEST pulled pork sandwich in the world.
  • Dotted & Crossed Marketing

    Best Bars in Reno: St James Infirmary, Silver Peak, The Chapel, Corrigan's, Foley's, Craft.
  • Stephanie Kruse

    If you have a doggy, take it to Gate K9, the doggy relief area near the taxi pick up area at the north end of baggage claim!
  • Dwayne Jones

    Give a shout to the TSA when you check in for a badge!
  • Stephanie Kruse

    You will love flying in and out of here. Easy, quick and super friendly people.
  • Greg Wright

    Admit that I'm the best skier who flies out of this airport!
  • Bethie-Beth

    Stop by the candy store & pick up some yummy salt water taffy!
  • Lauren Klein

    Bag check is fast with swa
  • Ali ? Kabbani

    Don't forget to check in at the gate for a better foursquare check in experience!! Lol
  • Samsonite

    Reno-Tahoe International Airport provides convenient access toeight different rental car agencies. Alleight rental car counters are located in Baggage Claim.
  • Robert GM

    Flying to Tahoe, sort off!
  • Xuong "Pip" Hong

    Watch out for the passenger pick-up Nazis!
  • phoenix kuramata

    Habib @ sandwich shop gives you wrong change :(
  • Mary Scohera

    very cool airport - no hassles, easy rental car parking, friendly people and excellent TSA and security procedures...(really, truly) this airport.
  • Dave Amirault

    John Wagnon, what a boss.
  • Thomas McAlister

    Always tip the Skycaps! They are awesome
  • Shay R

    Be ready to have the craziest Turbulences you ever experienced during Winter time!!!
  • Jessica

    Free Wifi..YAY!!
  • Andrew Curry

    Curbside for SouthWest makes life easy, free wifi, fast security, easy airport.
  • Mark Kastrioti

    Biggest little plane ride
  • Antonio Rodriguez

    Horrible place!! Delta Airlines customer service SUCKS!!!!
  • Kasie P

    Wait to go through security til you have to, there is nothing to do in the terminal!
  • T Brian Callister

    The new TSA Pre-Check here is only open from 4-6am in the morning hours...
  • Lessig

    The priority security line is the worst. Much slower than regular line - since all airline personnel get priority and it is the line for wheelchair access.
  • Jonathan Glass

    What G. Wright said.
  • Rebecca Venis

    Reno-Tahoe International Airport now has SPECIAL OFFERS! Check-in using FourSquare and receive offers from our restaurants and stores.
  • James Carter

    Wifi is SLOW.... Zzzzzzz
  • Dwayne Jones

    Just let them see you naked, easier than being molested.
  • Kim C.

    The Skywest ticket counter has the biggest biotches working there.
  • Jim Banks

    Food after security in gates very expensive. Eat before your come!
  • Jason Nahirney

    This place is huge compared to DFW, don't get lost.
  • David Fast

    United breaks guitars
  • Jose Rios

    Not a bad airport to fly into. Very small too. I flew in on my first propellor flight and didn't crash. Woohoo.
  • T Brian Callister

    TSA Pre-check is open here now! Lightening fast....
  • Zach Berman

    If you're incredibly hungover, give up on life.
  • alison baal

    Bags take longer to come out with new baggage claim
  • taste

    Try the airplanes.
  • Henrik Lampert

    If you're here for #Snowcial, good on ya'. If not, you're blowing it.
  • Tiffany Hegstad

    Great TSA people here!
  • Jayme Thornton

    Be on a DEPARTING flight.
  • Stephen Hoopes

    Is it just me or does the wifi connect page not load on an iPhone 3GS??
  • Cheng Qian

    TSA here is white and nice. Forgot 2 take out a drink in my bag and during screening they asked me if I wanted 2 drink it n come back later.
  • Steve Ramirez

    Free Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connection can be hit miss. Sometimes it's fast and sticks. Sometimes it's slow and drops a lot. Enjoy it if is good.
  • Bryce Leinan

    All Southwest flights are out of the B Gates, pretty much everyone else is at the C gates.
  • Rd Hull

    Southwest flights are always delayed
  • Carlos Chavez

    Gambling in every terminal. Don't forget to leave all your money in Nevada.
  • Jim Banks

    Never a security wait in the mornings. You can show up 30 to 40 min before your flight and still be early to board. Sleep in!
  • Laurie DesAutels

    Bring cash for water when you land. The machines do not accept Credit cards
  • Mark Vangoidtsenhoven

    Great Airport !! Lake Tahoe is a great aria to explore !!!
  • T Brian Callister

    Well, they expanded the morning TSA Pre-Check hours BUT they are now routinely letting non-pre-check passengers into the pre-check line delaying it substantially....not good...
  • LakeTahoes Alive

    Very easy airport to get in and out of! No stress!
  • T Vivian Davis

    Nicest TSA people in the country! They should have them train the other agents on how to treat customers.
  • Teresa Clark

    Allegiant airlines suck. Worst experience with the delays and customer service.
  • Nicklaus Giese

    Quickest security check I've seen! Excellent job Reno!!
  • kim fredericks

    Love the friendly vibe.
  • Paul Brody

    Mountain House diner is good.
  • Raul Silesky

    Excelente Southwest!
  • Donald Humphreys

    Best place to practice your turbulence tolerance.
  • J.H

    Fly Horizon drinks
  • Laura Durham

    Is this an airport or a funeral home? Pros are there is noone here and getting through security took 5 minutes
  • Celina Delaney

    Waiting to pick up mama
  • Dotted & Crossed Marketing

    Curbside check-in is the way to go.
  • Clark Vandeventer

    Don't be a dork like me. Actually consider the airline you're on and what gate you're flying out of before going through the wrong security checkpoint.
  • Larry Zielinski

    NEVER fly US Airways! They are the worst airline by far.
  • James Webb

    What's with the lack of crappers in terminal B? Only 4? It's not even busy and it's two deep waiting for your turn. At least the seat will always be warm!
  • Melissa Cook

    Bathrooms don't smell very good. Just sayin'.
  • Curtis P

    TSA don't touch my junk
  • Casey Phillips

    The whole place (including the bar) shuts down at 8:30. Make sure you get last call
  • Dotted & Crossed Marketing

    Best places to hit when in Reno: La Vecchia for Italian, Hub Coffee, Midtown Eats, Hussong's Cantina, Catch a Rising Star, Junkee Clothing, Melting Pot, Craft Beer & Wine, Granite Street Eatery, Sup
  • Brent Brooks

    Crappy airport, but the Wi-Fi is free and very fast!
  • Celeste Thayer

    Woah, tiny airport has more slots?! Welcome to Nevada
  • Simon Pearson

    Friendly staff throughout. Don't eat any baked goods from Peet's, though. Vile.
  • Benjamin Szweda

    Don't come too early. No lounges.
  • Blake Herrington

    I wish there was Taco Bell
  • Elspeth Nelson

    If you arrive at Terminal C do not despair. Keep walking & you'll find a bar w/ at least one actual craft beer.
  • Reno-Tahoe International Airport

    Traveling through Reno-Tahoe International with young children? Check out Mighty Miners Play Place on the second level, past security, near McDonald's!
  • Kyle Fowler

    Don't have a layover here with young kids, the slots are a magnet and you just get yelled at for them being near the machines
  • Luis Salazar

    Muy importante. Pasar por las mquinas antes de despegar y llegando !! Quiz sea tu da de suerte
  • Michelle Carter

    It's an easy airport from a check-in and security standpoint but not so much fun if you are stuck here a long time.
  • Tim Rietkerk

    The candy store closed up... BUMMER!!!
  • Nancy Benitez-Fanslow

    Quick check in.....nice small airport!
  • Tod Colegrove

    Early flight on Southwest Airlines? 6:15am flight - don't bother arriving 2h early; apparently they don't open their check-in until > 4:45am. =/
  • Steven Codd

    Shout out to TSA folks fast and friendly
  • Matt Hardy

    Ear plugs may be a good idea to drown out the"WHEEL OF FORTUNE" machines.
  • Alyx Heartcore

    Small airport with a very friendly staff and you can play slots while you wait!
  • Louie ??? Lee

    TSA PreCheck opened 3-4 weeks ago. Yay! Already very popular and can use a 2nd PreCheck lane. Boo! TSA folks are friendly though.
  • Grace Liu

    Don't use the sky cap even after Thanksgiving holiday, it's not busy at all and you can do your own check in. Also, I tipped them and they still searched our bags for no reason. Not cool!
  • Dotted & Crossed Marketing

    When in Reno you should check out great restaurants like La Vecchia, SoDo, Hussong's Cantina and Hub Coffee.
  • Michelle Carter

    Early flight? Expect to wait in line. No premiere or TSA pre check. Ridiculous!
  • Corrie Francis Parks

    Womens bathrooms in C terminal have huge stalls with recessed shelves. No more powering with you rollerboard crammed against your knees!
  • Dotted & Crossed Marketing

    Best places to hit when in Reno are: SoDo, La Vecchia, Hussong's Cantina, Hub Coffee, Midtown Eats, Reno Public House, Ceol Irish Pub and Reno Envy.
  • B F

    Check out the Burning Man art exhibit
  • Milton Banas

    Arrive early need I say more
  • Matt Lugar

    Prepare yourself for a bumpy entry/exit. It's really windy here, all the time!
  • Dj Cowboy

    Remember to save some money ta gamble at the airport lol
  • Ray Ivey

    Hope you don't need to jump on the internet, because "FREE WIFI" doesn't work and there is no one interested in helping you with it.
  • Jess Barron

    If you are drinking at the airport bar and you're not finished, ask for a to-go cup! You can take your beer to the gate!
  • Spud Hilton

    Allegiant Air is a shining example of why you should take the train instead.
  • Nabarun Dasgupta

    Anyone have a Burning Man ticket? Have cash. At airport. Call me 919-260-3808. Thanks!
  • Jess Barron

    Landings (and take-offs) in Reno can be VERY bumpy in Summer time due to the hot air. Have a drink (or 2!) before your flight!
  • Mat Meadows

    Security lines always move quick, are short and have nice TSA employees.
  • Cristy Buice

    Very small airport.
  • Daniel Di Tomaso

    Security wad a breeze. Free wifi (but spotty). Not much you can ask for
  • Kaleena Luna Welch

    Horrible food options
  • JR Fent

    New TSA Security checkpoint is the fastest I've ever seen.
  • Luke Pk

    I love Reno but this airport has terrible food choices. Definitely have your coffee before arriving here or buy some snacks and bring them through security
  • Dj Cowboy

    If you don't have it to loose don't gamble ....playa
  • Dj Cowboy

    Nice remodel
  • Jennifer Kasberger

    Nicest TSA people I have ever met! Always easy to get through security. Free wifi!
  • Ken Weinreich

    Nicest airport I've been to. Clean and well designed. Nice staff & security too!
  • Dotted & Crossed Marketing

    For you folks that love food- La Vecchia Italian Ristorante, SoDo Restaurant + Bar, Composition Cafe, and Midtown Eats.
  • Freddie Zamora

    Stay away from the slot machines!
  • Bill Hoefler

    New TSA screening is quick and efficient. Peeps working are very polite.
  • Alina Vincent Photography

    Always easy in and out!
  • Shawn Williams

    Very quick check in....TSA extremely nice!
  • Catherine Torelli

    Peets coffee in southwest terminal by B 5 is awesome. Decent food and the friendliest staff in an airport...possibly including the passengers
  • Jacob Hales

    Really nice remodel, really crappy WI-FI.
  • steve gordon

    The new C wing connector is bright and airy and with a full service McD's.
  • Fritz M.

    Almost all the hotels have FREE shuttles. :-)
  • David

    Great airport, friendly people. They are remodeling a bunch of it and its looking good
  • Bryan Landaburu

    New TSA screening started this week. The worlds most efficient and convenient airport, now a little less efficient and convenient.
  • Patti Vahary

    Remodeling but so far looks great!
  • Dawn Sebock

    Easy breezy airport. I like the massage chairs and the new seating in the baggage claim area.
  • Robert Ostrea

    Renovated airport always with short TSA security lines!
  • Rafi Syed

    If you're heading to North Lake, use the North Lake Express, it's $45 and a huge bus so you can spread out all yo' gear and all yo' legs
  • Leslie Upchurch

    Nice place - small with slot machines and plenty of places to plug in devices. It is not necessary to get here super early, though I did.
  • Julian Gutierrez

    Never been to a friendlier airport! From the free wifi, to the helpful TSA staff... This place is great!
  • Kelly Wilson

    Small airport, checking in and security can be faster than other airports.
  • Cory Doggett

    Make sure you are here 45 min in advance. You will miss your flight.
  • Travis Spears

    Try to come earlier in the day.
  • Sean Seaman

    Grab a beer at Brew Brothers in the airport if you have time.
  • Christopher Brown

    There are many scenes of nature's Darwinian carnage at the Reno-Tahoe Airport.
  • Marla Johnson

    Try not to chuckle thinking of Reno 911 when encountering TSA & security.
  • Garret S.

    Wifi -- crappy but free!
  • Guy Johnson

    Check out the award-winning for the latest local real estate news and market data.
  • Ashley Jones

    The 'free wifi' is worthless, I can't get a good signal anywhere by gate C
  • Elizabeth Arduain

    Back away from the lights!
  • Telcel Oficial

    Activa el Paquete Viajero Internacional Telcel para ahorrar al navegar, hablar o mensajear desde Reno. Marca *500 o visita para ms informacin.
  • Mary Johnson

    In the middle of remodel but still nice and easy to get through! Also has yummy new places to eat!
  • Michael Ford

    Not much at the airport. Eat before u arrive of flying delta or southwest.
  • Scottie Roche

    Don't let the airplanes mislead you, this is a high class gamblin' joint.
  • Eric Hollings

    Look for the taxidermy! Solid!
  • Andrew Galdi

    Avoid the slot machines!
  • Rebecca Venis

    TWO doggy relief areas. Near the Southwest Ticket Counter for Departures and near the taxi pick up area for arrivals!
  • Stan Gardner

    Once again, I find multiple TSA employees just standing around. Doing nothing. They are obviously over-hired, over payed, government.
  • Dotted & Crossed Marketing

    Have a Gold Dollar Pale Ale at The Mountain House Diner while waiting for travelers.
  • Henrik Lampert

    Easily the cheapest airport McDonald's in the USA. Eat up.
  • Jenn Jesse

    If you have a dog get here a couple hours early. They may be dog-friendly, but no one knows how to process the paperwork
  • Anne V

    Don't come hungry the food options are bad and the quality of food is terrible.
  • Daniel Bertao

    Free wifi. Play slots to pass the time but don't spend too much money!
  • Michael Saalfeld

    The new renovation is looking good! #saalfeldroofing
  • Randy B

    Do not stay in reno. Its bad for your health!
  • Don

    Howdy to the TSA! :-)

    Best free wifi ever easiest connection too... Nice little airport, where are the limos with strippers?!?!
  • Jonathan Turner

    Security lines always short so you need less check in time than other airports.
  • Mike Campbell

    Sandwiches at La Brea are awful
  • Joy Absalon

    Don't plan on grabbing a bite to eat here before your flight. Only two options and both are bad. Lousy for fliers
  • Josh Z

    WiFi doesn't seem to work around gate b1. Only 1 bar of service and I get limited or no connectivity.
  • Victor Cooper

    Friend passes security with 8oz. My 4oz. gets taken. Way to go!!
  • Demea Jamison

    Best TSA experience ever. NO LINE at all
  • Jessica Farkas

    If you have an overactive bladder, don't take the window seat.
  • Chris Kobran

    Looooose slots
  • Leila Von Steinburg Morse

    Free wi-fi n free shuttle service 2 AMOST ALL casinos.
  • Meghan Burek

    Lots of healthy options at this airport!
  • Mike Lewis

    There's an In-N-Out burger only 10 minutes away. Go there instead of eating in the terminal.
  • Luis Rodriguez

    One of the only airports with free Wi-Fi!!!
  • Michelle Young

    $6.45 for a Corona! Ouch ! Delta was 2 hours late going out and a little more than an hour late coming back.
  • Susanne Reed

    Best McDonalds evah!
  • Toby

    TSA here are really nice! I was very impressed!
  • Joe Davis

    Drinking the 8.95 beer here makes the wait go quicker.
  • Donie Corneau

    Fuck these people in baggage claim ruining all my bowling bags in 8 hours....thanks dickheads
  • C C

    Hertz employees were very rude and absolutely NO HELP! The ones at the counter inside the airport! Jerks!!!
  • Lauren Pearce

    The panorama restaurant makes all the c gates smell horrible. I don't know what they are cooking there but I don't want it
  • Melissa Cook

    Free wi-fi but it's a little slow.
  • Chris BIZub

    Get the French dip at brothers!! Gd sandwich!! THEN GO SHREDD!!!
  • Sayaka Toyotomi

    If you're going to Lake Tahoe, you can take the South Tahoe Express bus. It's $48 round trip. Takes about an hour and a half to get to Tahoe from the airport.
  • Madison Turner

    Lee Francis performs at 5 past every hour on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Alliah Love

    Make sure you have plenty of time to go thru security!!
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    En route to Dallas to talk to an exciting prospect. Love the free wifi.

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  • dj minor

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