Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

Address: 2707 South Virginia Street
Phone: (775) 826-2121
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Category: Hotel
Check Ins: 12827


  • Eric Shosted

    great sportsbook parlor with plenty of big screens, seating, reasonable drinks and awesomely crazy lighting.
  • Mike L

    Great stay and excellent service!!! Bravo!
  • Eric Moran

    Pay the extra few bucks for the Tuscany tower it is incredible! Top notch
  • Danielle Ius

    The art here is horrible!
  • John Reece

    Great sportsbook, games a little looser than downtown. Many of the restaurants just miss, however. The mixed Tuscany/Jetsons design is a little ... interesting.
  • Chris K.

    If you shake it more then twice.. Well, you know the rest...
  • Deaon Clausell

    The deli next to the sports book makes good sandwiches. Need to work on pastry selection though.
  • Jessica Holcomb

    The pool is a DONT MISS..soooo chic;)
  • Sunny =)

    Loved the whirlpool bath here - and won some money!! Great weekend.,. =)
  • Divneet Wadhwa ??

    Excellent Martinis!
  • Mike Collins

    The most confused I've ever been in a casino, and that's saying something!
  • Brandon Effle

    Security will try and stop you from having fun....but just run. You are way faster.
  • Christian Pamani

    Sportsbook is nice. go watch a game there
  • Chrissandra S.

    All of the employees are so friendly here.
  • Lisa Clark

    My hubbys worked for the peppermill for almost 20 years! The spa is nice =]
  • Sandi Jacobs

    Staying at the Peppermill for a convention. Staff and service has been exceptional! The room is very nicely decorated, laid out well and spacious. Had an event in the Edge nightclub last night. It lot
  • Edmund R

    Vilma - the best waitress!
  • Sunny =)

    Big mama - either read the writing on the wall or deal! You saw what you think you saw...hello?
  • Bonnie Cohn

    Beautiful casino and resort room. We stayed in the T tower and it was so elegant. The staff was so friendly. we had a great time
  • Nofar Cohen

    Very beautiful rooms. Nice staff and good cafe place at the hotel - cafe milano
  • Alan Thompson

    Great for the whole family!
  • Reign Von Barren

    Very nice name for a night out
  • Thomas

    7 dollar breakfasts after midnight is an incredible deal!
  • dan tamura

    Try the waffles.
  • Jason Yerxa

    Here for superbowl. Best sportsbook in Reno as far as environment goes. Amazing TV setup.
  • Shannon Martell

    Date night!
  • Dave Carbon

    The staff was awesome. Down hill from there. Very hard to find anything. It is a maze to get to your room in north tower. Rewards program is a waste of time. Was disappointed with my stay.
  • Josh Lux

    This place is confusing as ever to get around
  • Jenny

    Fantastic resort! Entire staff is friendly! Make sure to purchase a day-pass to the spa, it's totally worth it! Beds were super comfy, too! Great stay.
  • Jennifer Gomes

    Awesome place but even non smoking room smelled like smoke... Swimming pool is a must do... Bimini Steakhouse is awesome as well.
  • Phil Pupanek

    Had a great time. Very friendly staff.
  • Judy Okazaki

    Coeur d'Alene Art Auction
  • Suu Andrade

    Very pretty on the inside. Wound up being on the 15th floor for a friend's party. Nice suites up there.
  • Sean G

    Hey! Please fix up the Stepmania A.O.I Sapphire custom dance machine in the arcade!! I can help if needed, these are rare these days!!
  • Vic Berggren

    Stay in one of the towers... I stayed in one of the wings and it was old school
  • Kia Brooks

    The north tower is really remodeled well!
  • Thori C.

    One of the nicest in seedy lil Reno. The employee benefit coupon this year is $50/night w/$100 in resort, $100 spa, $50 gambling & $25 arcade credits. Tower suite upgrade extra $30, excellent deal!
  • Sanny Soto

    Edge muy bueno
  • Christopher Brown

    I never got my Chicken Pad Thai.
  • Domenic Camarda

    Check out Fireside lounge
  • Sugar Bowl Resort

    Tip the staff and say Thank you for being friendly.
  • Peppermill Resort

    Check in today for Social Media day and post your check-in on Twitter or Facebook for a chance to win a Peppermill Room Giveaway!
  • Scott Wilson

    Let it Ride was a simple fun game... Not too hard to win a little money and play a long time.
  • Brandi Myers

    Best spa ever
  • Lacey J

    Dont take things off the tray or out of the fridge you will get charged for's a mess...if you don't want to even be tempted call the front desk and ask for a cover for your snack tray!!
  • Sara Benson

    Don't use the self check-in machines. They'll assign you the very worst rooms in the least renovated wing overlooking the noisy loading docks next to the heater ducts. Hot room!
  • Robert Garcia

    Uper body workout
  • Jen Jennett

    Check your bags you will want a bell hop in your room later!
  • Jennifer Kawaye Reven

    Last few times slots were stealing my money fast.
  • Jason Berrang

    The loosest slots in the US!
  • Cindy Wojnar

    Bimini steakhouse is wonderful and the fireside lounge it
  • Daisy E. Padaon

    Great hotel. Newly renovated.
  • Miranda Palmer

    The seabass at romanza is AMAZING
  • Jesse Lanway

    Try the beef chow fun at CHI!
  • Elisha Yang

    Love the decor.
  • Jesse Lanway

    biscotti is a must for gellato!
  • Bryan Rae

    Isn't this the bathroom at the bottom of the escalator from the parking garage?
  • Kevin Marks

    the restaurants are all shut by 9.30pm Vegas this ain't
  • Sean Hoffman

    WiFi is awful
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