Grand Sierra Resort & Casino

Address: 2500 2nd St
Phone: (800) 501-2651
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Check Ins: 16666


  • Bryce Leinan

    If you're a local to the Reno / Sparks metro area, you can get a buffet any time for $7.77. You can't touch that price anywhere else in the area!
  • Steve James

    I found Grand Sierra Resort's bowling ally to be the best in Reno!
  • Judi Velasquez

    This place is amazing. The buffet is great and for $3 more all you can drink beer or wine. They have everything..Arcades, bowling, The Extreme Club, good food, and the Beach. Love it..
  • Greg Wright

    If you just got here from Burning Man you should probably change your clothes and take a shower. Like immediately.
  • Bkwm J

    Got 2 free nights!
  • Terry ?? Glad

  • Craig Winsor

    Dog Friendly Hotel ($30-$50 based on size & days of the week). Woof!
  • Carl Jones

    Go to RIM restaurant inside. Awe $some sushi there and it's all you can eat for $20 for lunch and $25 for dinner
  • Elie Elie

    "? You can pre-paid for your wine at the lounge!?"
  • Stephanie Alison

    Dollar beers, bowling and food at the alley!
  • Mark Kelley

    Nice place to stay in Reno. The buffet is pretty good.
  • Kevin Ice

    Excellent place to stay but there isn't much entertainment during the mid week. Great Rooms and good Service.
  • Reliv International

    The Grand Sierra is hosting the annual Reliv National Conference this weekend. What a cool place! Plenty of fun activities to do all in one spot, and such a short ride from the airport.
  • Andres Mendieta

    Occasionally they'll have a two free nights promotion, its no lie, you really do get two free nights. Still have to pay taxes though,
  • Liana Duckworth

    Check out their bowling alley and water driving range!! Pretty fun!
  • Marcus Hollan

    Great weekend.
  • Bela Kwan

    movies are only $3.00 and the bowling alley is open 24/7
  • Sean Rock

    Buffets great. Get the chicken.
  • Mr. DAPs

    Always show up a day early for conferences. Then you aren't tired going into it. And Reno is beautiful! #reliv
  • Sarah Potter

    No smoking in the pool area... Minor inconvenience, but overall good atmosphere!
  • Elizabeth Medlicott

    Ask nicely for a free room upgrade, worked for us :p
  • James Hickey

    Two for One drinks for Happy Hour in Xtreme Sports Bar and Lounge.
  • Ms.T

    Ask for 8th floor and above or ask for Summit tower
  • Kevin ? Liu

    The Shoot To Win electronic craps game is wayyyy too easy
  • Mel

    If you eat at Rim and want all you can eat sushi. Stress this to hostess. We asked for a booth not knowing we needed to sit at counter. Oh well, we'll enjoy sushi somewhere else
  • Nathan Uhrich

    If you see people walking around with Reliv on their shifts. Ask them what they do.
  • Mr. DAPs

    Dress warm, drink 24k, have fun! #reliv
  • Jennifer Kawaye Reven

    There is fun for the entire family. Fun center, bowling, driving range, movie theater, and large casino to name only a few things to do
  • Adam Toy

    Great place for kids. Bowling, movie theater, arcade, and more. :-)
  • Selina Boone

    Excellent buffet!
  • @ngie

    After dinner, some live music. Girl's night out...woo hoo?
  • Edgard P

    All you can eat sushi at Rim!
  • Jennifer Santiago

    after 9 pm... $2.50 patron shots!
  • Caroline T

  • James Carter

    Rooms have a big fridge and microwave.
  • @ngie

    Round Table Pizza & Movie. Just watched the science fiction 'Inception' with Leonardo DiCaprio. Uh? Dreams within dreams, ah? I feel dizzy. ( :
  • Jason Baker

    GSR was a fantastic place to stay, eat, shop and gamble. Will definitely come back here when in Reno!
  • Cory Jackson

    The GSR has revitalized my interest in staying in Reno, NV. GSR high level service, food & spirits is eye opening and refreshing. I hope you give this place a chance...
  • Sabrina K.

    Stick w/ The Summit. Place rooms are terrible.
  • Eric Leu

    Non smoking gambling is nice! Dealers are fun here
  • El Jefe

    wifi sucks here..ugly casino decor too but nice view of clouds..just sayin
  • Kelly ??

    The Bellagio of Reno. Stay here and get your chicken wing on during the chicken wing festival
  • Henrik Lampert

    Hit the driving range!
  • Mizz A Wash

    Chili Cheese Fries at Johnny Rocket are
  • Mark Nyon

    Nice rooms, pleasant service, but be careful about the room service food.
  • Brian Campion

    Cafe Sierra buffet closes at 1130
  • MaryLynn Heinen

    Winning! Good food at the 24 hour sierra restaurant
  • @ngie

    "Despicable me" Increible estar entre tanto nio y reir a carcajadas sin miedo. Love it! Yo soy igualita a la pequea Agnes, ok? Bueno, nomas tantito.
  • Natasha Mayton

    Very luxurious rooms with comfy beds. Granite-like tile from floor to ceiling in the bathroom. Refrigerator and microwave in room. The design of the sink could be improved because it sprays.
  • Celeste Thayer

    Nice pool, smoky casino, good service. Don't eat at the Mexican place on restaurant row, it's mostly canned foods
  • Erica Rhone

    Best place pre and post BurningMan! Rest and wash up!
  • Magda Hoffman

    Tony Bennett - does that date me!
  • Bob Balestieri

    Never leave belongings behind for the staff to "recover". They lack integrity, honesty and will steal your belongings. Customer service is horrendous and completely unprofessional. Avoid at all costs
  • @Cyclefilm Markus Neuert

    Worst casino buffet ever. By a mile. The meats are bad cuts and the rest is slop. Desserts are embarrassing. Go to the Peppermill Buffet. Way way better quality.
  • Nancy Benitez-Fanslow

    The hotel has nice large rooms but no kitchenette or refrigerator unless you pay for a really small fridge! Housekeeping not so great....half ass job done! Pool area is under construction!
  • Xiimena

    Muy padre !!!!
  • Joe M.

    Loved it.... I would recommend GSR to friends and family
  • Nancy Dingledine-Rhodes

    Awsome adventure
  • Bastian Tiger

    This place is as large as a medium size city (Des Moines, IA) airport. It's massive and well organized.
  • Kelly Wonderland

    $5.00 locals buffet special with players card and i.d. Tuesdays through Thursdays.
  • Robin Hill

    Indy car fun
  • Hill The Spill

    The showers here are amazing! Awesome costumer service. Pleasant experience over all. OH! You may want to bring toilet paper from home. I swear theirs is made of straight up tree bark.
  • Nikki Zimmerman Norvell

    Customer service could be better, have stayed here many times, have had some awesome suites at cut rate by booking reasonable room and upgrade at checkin for 50 and have stayed 690 suites 4 100 bucks
  • Domanique Alicia

    Rooms were gross: rubbish in them, showers wouldn't drain, cigarette smoke wafted through the vents. F-
  • Aure Santiago

    Nice casino remodel. The downstairs area that used to be shops is deserted and sucks. Bowling alley is still there and looks like fun, it was full. Not much of a Keno lounge or Sportsbook.
  • Edna Annis

    Have to try the surf n turf...
  • Byron Shock

    There are cheaper places, better places, but most importantly cheaper and better places.
  • steve gordon

    The GSR is a nice hotel but not a great hotel. The rooms are large and, well, nice but it likes to think it's a luxury joint whereas it's more of an average Marriott than a nice Hyatt.
  • Raymond Luo

    Nice hotel...But it has a lot of electrostatic..
  • Arlington Sewing Machine

    PFAFF Convention!
  • DC Cedar

    Don't stay here unless you like dirty carpets, price gouging and far from everything. Want a coffee maker in room? Extra $40!!!!!grand Sierra is sh*t now
  • Chris

    $10 additional Amenities Fee. BS that I have to pay extra for water bottles, a gym and slow WiFi.
  • Wayne Crespin

    The Buffet is a MAJOR disappointment :-( $17.99 and hardly anything to choose from. Lots of empty containers and nobody refilling them.
  • Judi Velasquez

    Not to happy with the brunch buffet. Not worth the price. Disappointed ! No mixed fruit salad. Who wants a whole apple? Where are the grapes, cantaloupe and berries?
  • Thomas Hudson

    Ultimate Reno Combat returns for its 32th show on April 13th, from the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno, Nevada.
  • Michael Moon

    Even if you are not able to get the summit rooms, the standard is still plenty big for a family of four.
  • Becca Blumenfeld

    Go to the Reliv store!
  • Will Summers

    Reliv public-information sharing at 7 P.M. Message me for info, then come see how we are giving people hope, renewed dreams, and changed lives!
  • Will Summers

    Here for the Reliv conference. Only a few more hours until we know more about LunaRich! I'm soy-excited.... I wanna know more! !
  • Anthony Nudo

    If you want to hit up the buffets and not gain weight, hit up the gym before hand, located on the arcade floor.
  • Ashley Mally

    First fridays room rates are 12$ a person for standard rooms!
  • Dan Shapiro

    Biggest and best sports book in Reno!
  • Jewelz Cody

    Set the alarm clock. They didn't make our requested wakeup call. Soft beds.
  • Jonny Cigar

    Great Sake's at Rim - ask to have the Sake in a wine glass so you can truly experience the delights of this rice-fire-water!
  • Lamar Baker

    My favorite spot this time of year
  • @ngie

    The Fighter Que bonita familia, que bonita familia! Ja! En fin...
  • @ngie

    At the movie theater watching the Unstoppable! We have to stop that train! HELP! ( ; How come we never get to be in those action moments for real? Uh? ( :
  • Craig Phillips

    Get your shoes shined at the shoe shine kiosk! Well worth the few dollars for something we all hate doing.
  • Theresa Arnold

    They raised the price for the locals buffet. $11.99 now for dinner.
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