Silver Legacy Resort Casino

Address: 405 N Virginia St
Phone: (800) 687-7733
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Category: Casino
Check Ins: 15841


  • Jay Christensen

    My favorite place to donate money to the local economy. Pai Gow FTW!
  • Chris Novak

    Cafe Sedona blows except for breakfast. Try Eldorado (Tivoli Gardens or Brew Brothers) instead.
  • Dotted & Crossed Marketing

    Strong margaritas, awesome tequila selection and good Mexican beers. Great place to get your drink on.
  • Joey Tran

    They need to improve their wifi.
  • Taste Terminal

    CANFEST, Renos International Canned Beer Festival is making its way back to Reno on November 12, 2011.
  • Byron Shock

    Inexpensive and posh, my gosh! Join the players' club before getting a room to land deals like a king size view room for $49 midweek. The rooms here would be around 200 bucks anywhere but Reno.
  • Jennifer Kawaye Reven

    Location is great. Even if u don't like it you are close enough to walk to other places.
  • Viktoria Dimples

    When checking in, ask for a room at the end of the hall. You'll get a nice corner room with Windows on two sides of the walls! Also scan the pool for any dirty objects before going in!
  • Katie B.

    Free drank when you gamble
  • Jennifer Kawaye Reven

    Watch the show with thunder and lightening.
  • Jason Frazier

    valet park
  • Sarah Jacques

    ....e just told room service to bring us a hot chick with our beer...gotta love silver legacy
  • Emilina H

    room service was crazy good & super fast!
  • Simon Salt

    Room service is fast and the food is excellent.
  • Erik Holte

    Restrooms are kinda dirty. Use ass gaskets.
  • James Agostino

    Make sure you poop BEFORE you bet... It's a gamble you don't want to take
  • Amanda Hurst

    Comfortable bed. A lot of channels on the television. Nice gym facilities and pool.
  • Mike Katsura

    Don't try to check-in before noon. They will make you wait, so you can donate more money in the casino.
  • Yvonne Thomson

    Tried "the best Asian food" at Sedona Cafe and found it to be the worst ever! Skip this restaurant and hit the buffet!
  • Alyss Riches

    Wednesdays & Thursdays are cheapest! Get a good rate by checking in on Thursday and then extending your stay!
  • Jessy Smith

    Get a massage from one of the Massage Bliss girls! Totally worth it!
  • Clinton Robinson

    The in room wi-fi turned out to be no-fi. Oh well for getting any work done.
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • cec hot

    Omg! Do not, I repeat, get a bottle of water fr bar to take to ur room! Better to buy a bottle fr somewhere else! they fill the bottles w tap water & try to pass them off as legit. Plze believe me!
  • Corina Krone

    Nice Superior Spa suite!!!
  • Mallory Mitchell

    Spa tip: try the deep tissue and ask for Lisa, she is amazing!!
  • Vineet

    Aura Lounge great cognac not so great music
  • Cindi Loo

    Sign-Up for a Star Rewards Card before getting a hotel to land at least 10% off Room Rates.
  • Carey Campbell

    Nice shops
  • Jamie Carter

    Dont let your fiance get to wasted and try to lose all da money gambling u 2 brought!
  • Jason Griswold

    Looking forward to try their new slushie bar
  • Michael Hudec

    Player's club is a racket. Can't pull your $$ out. Must leave $50 in your account that they forget to mention until you are ready to leave
  • Christopher Hooten

    best tip is to win good lucc!!!
  • Vicki Reeder

    The Balsa fish is really good
  • Ralph Ewing

    Easter champagne brunch at Sterling's - thanks to Erica!
  • Ludwig Guevara

    Great stay, awesome service, thanks
  • Jay Tuazon

    Make sure you wipe that ass!!
  • Bonnie Mae

    Ladies: if you use the casino restroom on ladies night & return to the brewery, you'll get a free drink ticket...
  • mark privett

    Get a chair massage after a long blackjack session.
  • Mike L

    Where the ladies at? Oh wait I'm in Reno
  • Jacob Nielsen

    Hey cool you
  • Julie Huber

    No coffee pot in the rooms.
  • @ngie

    Julio Iglesias is here! No puedo creer q lo vere de cerquitas, estoy emocionada! Ah! Vamos, vamonos todos a cantar con el, si?
  • @ngie

    Celebrating the end of 2010 or the welcome to 2011. Happy New Year! God bless everyone forever! ? Kisses and hugs! ?
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