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[color=black][b]A Course in Miracles Study Group[/b][/color]
[i]You are cordially invited to attend a weekly study group for A Course in Miracles![/i]
We offer a weekly ACIM Discussion Group which facilitates understanding the practical application of using the teachings of the Course in our daily lives.  It is a very dynamic, interactive group, with an emphasis on laughter, fun, and forgiveness. 

Our Study Group was created to study and discuss the book A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and supportive material from Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, Dr. Jon Mundy, Gary Renard, and others.  We "gently" follow this Study Guide as it helps us stay focused, and provides a common discussion thread.  

[divider][color=blue][b]We are currently studying the ACIM Manual For Teachers.  After that we will review the Glossary and then the rest of the Supplements.[/b][/color][divider]                       It is highly recommended (if not required) that you get a copy of Version 3 of the Course for your own study purposes, and to help you stay on the same page as this Study Guide.    We have extra copies of the Course available at the meetings.    (If you are unable to obtain one due to financial hardship, please let us know and we'll give you one.)

Friends and drop-ins are always welcome, especially on special event nights.  Our intention in this group is to emphasize the [b]Practical Application of the Course,"[/b] so we encourage discussion regarding both how we are supported and challenged to use the Course in our lives.  

We look forward to seeing you there!

[b]Study Group Location:[/b]Gerber Medical Clinic1225 Westfield Ave # 2Reno, NV 89509[url=][/url]

[b]Online:[/b]Join our online Yahoo Group to view the study calendar and further discuss ACIM:[url=][/url]

[b]Cost:[/b]Free - A love offering is suggested on Mondays in appreciation for the space provided us by the clinic.To order ACIM study materials, go to our Bookstore: [url= ] [/url]

[b]Open to All:  [/b]             Please pass this along to whoever may be interested.

Discussion Group Leader: Bud James, PhD, MDiv.Email:

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