Sabbat Celebrations and So Much More

Group Description

This group centers on building a community of people who celebrate the eight Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year. Regardless of your beliefs or faiths if you follow the Wheel and celebrate the Sabbats we want you. Our group includes Druids, Pagans, Witches, Heathens, Neopagans, Wiccans, and so many more all who wish to come together to celebrate our holidays as a community.
We are looking for solitary practitioners, groups, groves, covens, just about anyone that wishes to gather on the Sabbats and share your holidays with like-minded people. We aim to be all inclusive so if you are curious about the Sabbats or what we represent we welcome you as well, all we ask is you bring an open mind and a full heart.
The celebrations we will be hosting will include ideas and traditions from all the different groups and we will be happy to accommodate different traditions, just bring your ideas and we will do our best to integrate them into the festivities.
We will be hosting many get-togethers that will include a variety of faiths and beliefs so we ask that you are aware of that fact so to not exclude any one group or dismiss their faith because it is not aligned with your own. To that affect we will not be holding any specific ceremonies or rituals for any one belief; our gatherings will be a mix of traditions and ideas to celebrate the Sabbats as friends and family.
However we do want this to be a group where people of like-minds can find each other and participate in many different activities. Should you wish to post an event that centers around a specific belief please do so but be sure to include which it is so people know what to expect when attending your event.
Thank you all so much and we look forward to many happy celebrations with you and yours.

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