AWAKE n Network: spirit n health n education

Group Description

This is a Resource Center for Practitioners, Teachers and Seekers of Movement- Massage - Medical - Mind n Spirit Disciplines.

AWAKE n Networks is for both Health and Spiritual Teachers, Practitioners and Seekers. It hosts a variety of classes for the general public as well as continuing education courses for health professionals in the Movement - Massage - Medical - Mind n Spirit disciplines. 

AWAKE n Networks Center offers space for weekday classes and weekend workshops to support our community of Health and Spiritual Teachers.

AWAKE n Networks Online  Resource Center was created to highlight Practitioners, Teachers, n Studios of Movement - Massage - Medical - Mind n Spirit Disciplines to the Sierra Community of Seekers.

This resource center includes Public and Professional Directories for the Sierra Nevada Communities.

 A list of Practitioners and Teachers who provide private appointments, classes and workshops to the public.

 A list of Continuing Education Instructors who offer courses for Professionals looking to fulfill their license or certification requirements here in the Sierra Nevadas. 

 A list of Studios to help connect Studios and Teachers with each other to keep their businesses thriving. 

 A list of Ergonomic Products for those looking to provide support for their physical body in a office chair, car seat and  exercise equipment or looking for a ecofriendly bed and accessories that gives the body amazing support. 

Discover all there is to offer at AWAKE n Networks website:

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