The Reno Psychics & Healers Meetup Group

Group Description

Meet other local psychics, healers, mediums, divination experts, and tarot readers - to discuss psychic survival and growth. To learn together Be happy - together Find excitement of life - together Yet - much more... Something is telling me now that this work is much needed. And it will be even more on demand at this time (with all kinds of Crisis). I mean work (or service) as a Psychic & Healer And not just a work But this truly unique gift (talent, abilities) Only There is a very clear request for a different Psychic and Healing work Very (and really) a New Paradigm and New Life Psychic appearance And it means to me that are many more of us (and of people around us) will suddenly find a need in themselves (and around) receive The Call (from within and from the Universe) discover incredible uniqueness of themselves and possibility to chare it with others Then we would want to learn We will find a happy passion in it and truly inspiring desire to discover and develop more To become more of what we already are To find out at once WHO WE ARE And to find each other to meet one another in our New Reality, in our New Era of Life Related: Mysticism, Tantra, Chakras, Prayer, Ritual, Magick, Miracles, Spiritualism, Psychic Defense, Meditation, Abundance, Nirvana, Aloha, Healing, Spirit, Dreams, Dream Time, Enlightenment, Prophecy, Intuition, Higher Self, Invisibility, Astral Body, Initiation, Remote Viewing, Aura, Reiki, Jung, Elements, Wicca, Goddess, Women, Heavenly Circuit, Microcosmic Orbit, Pranayama, Chinese Medicine, Psychic Fair, Holistic Living Expo, PSYCHIC & HOLISTIC EXPO, THE HEALTHY LIVING, WELL-BEING EXPO, Health Expo, Natural Health and Wellbeing EXPO, Well-Being Expo, TOTAL WELLBEING EXPO, Spiritual Holistic Expo, WELL BEING EXPO
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